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I had surgery twice and saw many specialists regarding it. 
After three sessions with William, it started to improve." 
Coryn - Nanaimo BC



William Huhn - NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider

Provider Number 451112-09 

 "I had the pleasure of attending/participating in a Trigger Point Workshop presented by William Huhn. This approach to Myofascial and Trigger Point related pain management was innovative and stimulating. "All medical practitioners dealing with pain would benefit from such a course". 

K.W. Turnbull MD, FRCPC - Vancouver, BC


A World Cup Competitor / National Ski Champion Comments on Our Treatments

"My name is Nataliya, I was a professional freestyle skier, participated in World Cups from 2008 till 2011 and became
Russian National Champion in 2010-2011" 

Click here for Nataliya's trigger point story.

Trigger Point Therapy for Athletes - Nataliya Stepanova


We provide information about 
myofascial trigger points with hopes that you may find
from your ongoing pain/symptoms.

We also provide information about our C.E. workshops, and WHMTM Trigger Point Body Worker Certification

For more than a decade I have passionately studied, and practiced 
Migraine Relief
this therapy based on the seminal work of Drs. Travell and Simons.

I practice it the way it is intended to be practiced
this includes client education regarding trigger points,
detailed intake, client history, determining perpetuating factors, contraindications,  
comprehensive assessment/treatment, (that includes treating agonist/antagonist muscles, and all muscles in the functional unit) post-treatment advice, and more! 

Simply stated, I do my very best to help those in pain, (yes, even the complex cases) by employing comprehensive TP therapy. 

My door is open to everyone, and clients come to my office here on the Pacific Coast of Canada from all parts of the world for comprehensive and effective Trigger Point Therapy treatments.


Remember - there is a HUGE difference between simply treating the trigger points and employing comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy.

Athlete Pain / Sports Injury
"After just three sessions the circulation returned to my leg and hip area and the cramping ceased." - Jamie W.

Note: The tenacious symptoms that can plague athletes, musicians, and dancers, are often mitigated or remedied employing a comprehensive Trigger Point method.


"We endeavour to create an environment conducive to muscle healing"
William Huhn



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William Huhn NCBTMB Approved Provider    Trigger Point Workshop


Please read my story of self-treating myofascial trigger points.

 William Huhn MethodTM - Trigger Point Therapy is an NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider

Provider Number 451112-09 


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