Offering the most complete Trigger Point Therapy CE workshops

and comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy treatment.



We also help athletes function at peak performance.

We’ve found that sports athletes and dancers who subscribe to our Trigger Point Therapy method consistently report having less pain, and improved muscular performance. This typically manifests in greater speed, agility, and endurance.


I had the pleasure of attending/participating in a Trigger Point Workshop presented by William Huhn. This approach to Myofascial and Trigger Point related pain management was innovative and stimulating.
I particularly enjoyed the “hands-on session” and the opportunity to become familiar with massage techniques for the release of trigger points. The progression in my reading and knowledge from Clair Davies’ Workbooks to Travell and Simons’ texts that was stimulated by this workshop has been very rewarding. All medical practitioners dealing with pain would benefit from such a course.

  • Dr. K.W. Turnbull, MD, FRCPC
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada