WHM Trigger Point Certifications


There is a severe global dearth of Trigger Point practitioners who have extensive knowledge of this therapy; we continue to work toward correcting this shortage.

Level 1 - Novice

As well as having a background in health/wellness, here’s what you’ll need to study and do to obtain your WHM™ Level 1 Certification. Lots and lots of study and practice. In my humble opinion, it is well worth the effort.

  • Have an above average knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Know most of the muscles that are involved with Trigger Point… this includes their names, attachments/location, and their function (there’s a lot of them – get busy!)
  • You should have a superior knowledge of bones (most of them) – their names/location
  • You own the Travell & Simons Trigger Point Manuals (hardcopy please) and
  • You must study the first four chapters of Volume 1 Travell & Simons’ Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual (2-Volume Set) by Simons, David G., Travell, Janet G., Simons, Lois S., Cummin 2nd (second) Edition [Hardcover(1998)]
  • Since my applied approach to TPT is based on Clair Davies method of treatment, I’d like you to study the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, by Clair Davies and Amber Davies.
  • The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
  • You have attended at least 3, William Huhn Method™ 1-day workshops, or have attended the WHM™ (5-day) “Introduction to Trigger Points; Hands-on Workshop – Upper Half of Body and Lower Extremities”. This will introduce you to my way of employing effective TPT. Note: You can wait for me to come to your city to present a workshop or you may come to me for a private workshop.
  • You have practiced your applied techniques on your friends and family and anyone else who is willing to offer their body to you for practice. I suggest you should not charge a fee to these folks, because you still know very little about TPT and they’re helping you to acquire some skills. You should ideally log about 100 hours of applied practice.
  • Then, finally, you will successfully complete the WHM™ Level 1 workshop that includes a written exam, to obtain your Certificate of Achievement.
  • Congratulations, now the real learning begins!
Level 2 - Advanced
  • Holds a current William Huhn Method™ – Level 1 Certificate of Achievement
  • Logged over 500 hours employing Trigger Point therapy/bodywork as their primary treatment method, not adjunct to to other therapy models
  • Extensive knowledge of Travell & Simons Trigger Point manuals
  • Demonstrates comprehensive “client intake” methods
  • Exceptional client care skills
  • Demonstrates extensive understanding of Trigger Point protocol
  • Demonstrates above average knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
  • Successful completion of the 1-day, Level 2 written / practical examination
Level 3 - Approved Educator
  • Holds a current WHM™ – Level 2 Certificate of Achievement
  • Logged at least 100 intern hours at WHM™ workshops
  • Exceptional speaking/instructing skills
  • Well organized and self-motivated
  • Employs Trigger Point methods as their primary method of treatment for their clients
  • Successful completion of the WHM™ Approved Educator, examination process


Workshop Testimonials

I am personal trainer, post rehab conditioning specialist and yoga teacher. Because of the benefits I received from Trigger Point bodywork I have recommended Bill to many of my clients. The treatments really work! Even for people who have tried everything else. In order to learn more and assist my... Read more
Diana Marchand, PT, PRCS, EWYT350
Nanaimo, BC