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Here you’ll find postings that I feel may be worthy of sharing with everyone.

Eventually I’ll include case comments, unusual and complex case results, and some of the remarkable treatment successes, and my thoughts regarding the treatments that weren’t so successful (sadly, we can’t fix everyone).

You’ll find here as well, Travell & Simons excerpts, my sometimes nerdy Trigger Point ramblings, and more.


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Loss of Appetite/Gut Symptoms

Employing comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy   By William Huhn Dec.5. 2020  ...
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Post-Concussion Syndrome

By William Huhn   Interestingly, virtually all medical websites do NOT include...
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Jaw Clicking and Other Lateral Pterygoid Symptoms

Trigger point formation and their perpetuation in the Lateral Pterygoid is quite...
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A “Complex” Case

Another Complex Case By William Huhn   Since there is a severe global...
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Anterior Shoulder Pain – The Common Culprit

By William Huhn. Per Travell & Simons’ Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction The Trigger...
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A Misbehaving Bladder

By William Huhn   So many folks present with urinary bladder symptoms....
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Decades of Migraine Events

By William Huhn   “A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or...
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Travell & Simons – Anxiety and Tension

Anxiety and Tension From the Travell & Simons Manual. Volume 1; Pg....
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It’s Not One Thing I Do – It’s The Only Thing I Do

By William Huhn   The vast majority of health professionals are great...
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Trigger Points – Weakening of the Involved Muscles

From the T&S Manual.   We must inactivate the trigger points before...
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It’s much more than just poking some TrPs

By William Huhn   Full disclosure – all my clients are informed...
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Real clients – Real learning

By William Huhn   It’s one thing to study and practice trigger...
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Life Before Trigger Point Therapy

By William Huhn   It was late 2001 / early 2002, when...
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In some individuals, high levels of anxiety are expressed in the form of muscle tension. Many muscles are held in sustained contraction that overloads them and perpetuates myofascial trigger points.

  • Travell and Simons
  • Myofascial Pain and
  • Dysfunction, The Trigger Point
  • Manual; 1999; pg. 221

A Story of Inspiration

For months I was limping around with severe pain in my left knee. Doctor said the knee needed replacing and I was put on the surgery waiting list. A friend said I should maybe try William, that maybe he could help and I’m glad I did. William treated my thigh... Read more
John S
British Columbia