Thoughts and Comments 

Here you’ll find postings that I feel may be worthy of sharing with everyone.

Eventually I’ll include case comments, unusual and complex case results, and some of the remarkable treatment successes, and my thoughts regarding the treatments that weren’t so successful (sadly, we can’t fix everyone).

You’ll find here as well, Travell & Simons excerpts, my sometimes nerdy Trigger Point ramblings, and more.


In some individuals, high levels of anxiety are expressed in the form of muscle tension. Many muscles are held in sustained contraction that overloads them and perpetuates myofascial trigger points.

  • Travell and Simons
  • Myofascial Pain and
  • Dysfunction, The Trigger Point
  • Manual; 1999; pg. 221

A Story of Inspiration

I ended up in Bill’s office after 3 1/2 years of daily pain – worn out emotionally, physically, and somewhat financially from all the different modalities I had tried. Finally I was willing to “surrender” and do what he told me to do – I stopped working-out (which I love,... Read more
Susan L.
Nanaimo, BC