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Our office is located in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


The majority of our clients live nearby; however, clients have come from all over North America, Europe and Asia, to have treatments – typically staying for about one to two weeks (sometimes longer, depending on their case). During their stay, receive daily Trigger Point treatments along with lots of guidance about self-treatment techniques and the all-important healing protocol, before returning home.



Although we don’t typically offer mobile service, we can travel to treat you in the comfort of your home (almost anywhere worldwide). Contact us for details.


* Office rates are available upon request.

* Home visits or other “travel-to” service rates will vary.



Individual online consultations with William.

  • This can be beneficial for those who cannot find a comprehensive Trigger Point therapist and would like some guidance to perhaps better understand their case,
  • Or for those who are using self-treatment, but are not getting the desired results.
  • Or if you’d simply like in-depth information about trigger points and the recommended healing protocol.

Please call or email to arrange your 1 hour appointment date/time before paying

Online Consultation

Note: other payment methods are available, including bank e-transfer


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1455 Townsite Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1M9

Office Hours are typically Monday through Friday

08:00 to 17:00 (Closed on statutory holidays)

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We reply to ALL inquires, typically within 24 hours.

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Our office is on Vancouver Island, in the seaside city of Nanaimo,

in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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