Why Learn William Huhn Method?


Remedial Trigger Point Therapy requires a comprehensive approach – it involves so much more than simply using a ball or roller to relieve a symptom.


Anyone can open any Trigger Point book to find illustrations of trigger point locations and their referral patterns. However, comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy is much more than simply knowing where to find trigger points in muscle tissue.


For this therapy to offer the best potential for remedial results, specific protocols must be followed by the practitioner, and by the client/patient.


William Huhn Method CE workshops and certification programmes provide the attendee with this all-important information, along with the applied techniques.


Many health/wellness professionals have described William Huhn workshops as the most thorough and insightful Trigger Point workshops they have attended.


Progress from TPT dabbling to TPT proficiency.


William Huhn is an NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider.

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