Workshop Testimonials

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Bill’s teaching style is friendly, and he’s very approachable. He is an excellent communicator. I learned much more than I expected in this course and will recommend this it to all my friends and colleagues.

Julia Mahler
Vancouver BC

Excellent workshop. Bill has an excellent mastery of theory and practical application of Trigger Point therapy.

Terry A. MD
Calgary Alberta

This course was amazing and should be taught to other therapists more. Such an effective way to heal problems missed by most practitioners.

Mitch Mahler
Vancouver BC

Excellent course. Gave me an insight into my shoulder and foot pain and how to deal with it. I can honestly say my shoulder and foot pain was 70% better after just the one day course and being worked on by the other group members along with the instructor, Mr. Huhn

Parmjit Virk
Surrey BC

Very useful course for fitness professionals to enhance their value and provide additional benefit to their clients. Very recommended.

Abdul Alrayani
Victoria BC

Very intensive knowledge, delivered with a light heart. Easy to follow instructions. Great exchange with other students. Thank you.

Tracey McKinnon CBW
Whitecourt Alberta

Very informative course. I’ve learned so much in two days and will incorporate it into my manual therapy in the clinic.

Haley Smith, R Kin.
Hamilton, Ontario

Workshop environment was lively & conducive to learning. You had good pace and kept control of the class!

Lee Massey
Vancouver BC

Very knowledgeable instructor. Liked the practical component and thoroughly enjoyed the course!

Anne J.
Vancouver BC

William – Now I work your method with every patient and this technique is really good!

Basia K.,Physiotherapist
Warsaw, Poland

To be proficient at Trigger Point Therapy, one must study thoroughly and practice it daily. Simply because someone is a registered or licensed massage therapist, physiotherapist, bodyworker, or doctor, does not necessarily make them a knowledgeable Trigger Point practitioner. Although there are some who are very good, and understand trigger points, most have only a minimal amount of Trigger Point Therapy training and clinical experience.

William Huhn

A Story of Inspiration

Trigger Point therapy resolves muscle pain! It is the answer to relief of most pain that escapes traditional medical approaches offered by health care professionals to-day.   This is from my personal experience. Following a major hip fracture, recovery was slow in coming because of major pain from my knee.... Read more
Nelson B
Nanaimo, BC