Workshop Testimonials

William Huhn Method™ Trigger Point Bodywork was by far one of the best training I ever had. The most comprehensive, intense and well written work to come out in the manual therapy profession. I am extremely impressed by all the knowledge and wisdom he has brought to the training. It’s amazing how you developed these techniques that literally change the quality of peoples lives. Thank you William Huhn for your passion and invaluable knowledge.

Alex Kwok

Hands-on is great. Clear instructions and enjoyed the class again.

Mitch Mahler

Amazing info. I wish I had learned many of these things years ago. This is my 2nd course with William – he is a great teacher and explains things so well!

Julia Mahler

Very good workshop!

Ed Kuehne

Thank you for passing on the knowledge of otherwise not easily accessible information!

This course met and exceeded my expectations and I will keep learning about trigger points. It was worth the wait for this.

Thanks again!

Patrik V.

I came into the workshop without a clear understanding of what the course would entail. However, I learnt a great deal of valuable, tangible, useful information that I can apply with my clients.

Laura D

This workshop has opened my eyes to a new, different approach to help people with their health. Great information and excellent presentation from William, who is a very knowledgable person, especially because of life experiences.

Francisco Rivera LMT
Toronto Ontario

Excellent course, applicable to my chronic pain patients.


Rebecca Knight
Toronto Ontario

This was an informative, well organized and fun course!

Gordana Mihajlovic
Toronto Ontario

Great course! Loved all the extra “goodies”.

Nice to feel the spots and practice on others. Also great to learn how to self-tx.

Helen Grosseth
Toronto Ontario

To be proficient at Trigger Point Therapy, one must study thoroughly and practice it daily. Simply because someone is a registered or licensed massage therapist, physiotherapist, bodyworker, or doctor, does not necessarily make them a knowledgeable Trigger Point practitioner. Although there are some who are very good, and understand trigger points, most have only a minimal amount of Trigger Point Therapy training and clinical experience.

William Huhn