Livestream Workshops

Livestream Workshops


Sure, there are intrinsic limitations with livestream bodywork presentations such as verbal interaction and the assessment of applied techniques, to name just a couple. However, we believe there is still plenty of valuable TPT information that can be shared with health professionals, and our instructor demonstrations of the applied techniques on live models, can be quite beneficial.


Some “positives” of livestream workshops include:

  • much lower registration fees
  • all classes will be presented on multiple dates/times to help suit your schedule or timezone
  • shorter classes (typically 2 hours duration per workshop)
  • no travelling (attend from anywhere on the planet)
  • no masks required
  • no ‘lost’ weekends
  • register for any or all classes


PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT offering CE credits for these online workshops. However, a Certificate of Completion (PDF format) will be issued to all attendees at the end of each workshop.


The proposed classes and a partial description of what will be included in each –



  • Introduction to Comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy (Lecture) – the effects of TrPs on involved muscles, latent vs. active TrPs, healing protocol, perpetuating factors, employing (effective) applied techniques.
  • Date:TBA

  • The Client Intake Interview (Lecture) – specific information we should (must) know about our client/patient, before treatment begins.
  • Date: TBA

  • Headache and Migraine (Applied Technique) – the TrPs that contribute to these symptoms as well as identifying possible perpetuating factors. Some muscles we will treat include, SCM, suboccipitals, temporalis and trapezius.
  • Date: TBA

  • Shoulder and Arm (Applied Technique) – the rotator cuff, elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and hands/fingers. Also includes demonstrating some common errors therapists make when treating the supraspinatus and subscapularis muscles.
  • Date: TBA

  • Upper Back and Chest (Applied Technique) – includes pectoralis major/minor, traps, rhomboid, serratus anterior and serratus posterior superior.
  • Date: TBA

  • Lower Back and Buttocks (Applied Technique) – includes treatment for lumbar and gluteal pain, sciatica, piriformis, and coccyx symptoms.
  • Date: TBA

  • Abdominal (Applied Technique) – includes treatment for acid reflux /heartburn, dysmenorrhea, IBS and urinary bladder symptoms. Also includes treatment techniques for the iliacus and psoas major.
  • Date: TBA

  • Thigh, Pelvic Floor, and Knee (Lecture and Applied Technique) – includes treatment techniques to quadriceps, sartorious, TFL, hamstring, and adductors. Topics include, IT band, knee pain/weakness, Hunter’s canal (aka adductor canal), rectal/genital pain, erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse.
  • Date: TBA

  • Leg, Ankle and Foot (Applied Technique) – includes treatment to extrinsic and intrinsic foot muscles and the TrPs that can contribute to shin splints, achilles tendon symptoms, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe and toe pain.
  • Date: TBA


William Huhn will be presenting all livestream workshops.

Classes will be relatively small and registration will on a first-paid basis.


Prerequisites: ideally you should be in the health/wellness profession – includes medical professionals (especially those who treat chronic pain) physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers. If you’re not certain if you meet the prerequisites, please contact us to discuss your concerns.


If you’re interested in registering, or would like to be placed on the notification list, or have any other questions, please contact us. We’re always eager to assist in any way possible.