Migraine Seminar

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Since 2002, William has been treating clients who have been suffering from migraine events. The majority of his clients have experienced either significant reduction, or complete cessation of migraine events.

So you could surmise, most of the time, chronic migraine is caused by muscle dysfunction & trigger points.


For more than a decade, William has been presenting Trigger Point workshops and seminars all around the world.

This 2-hour Vancouver seminar will explore the muscular link that is very often overlooked as the possible cause of many migraine events.

Myofascial trigger points can also be the underlying cause of cervicogenic and cluster headaches.


During this seminar, William will explain

  • how myofascial trigger points affect muscles,
  • which muscles to treat,
  • how to treat them effectively to mitigate or remedy migraine,
  • the Trigger Point protocol that should be followed to maximize treatment benefits.


The Migraine Seminar

This seminar is open to everyone.

Seminar Duration: an evening event lasting about 2 hours.

For those who have specific concerns and would like to stay after the seminar, there will be a 1-hour Q&A immediately after.

All attendees will receive a colour, illustrated handout and also will be shown how to self-treat the migraine-producing trigger points.



Please note: this is NOT a hands-on workshop, however, William will be demonstrating self-treatment techniques that can be applied at home.


Excerpt from Travell & Simons Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction,

The Trigger Point Manual. Vol.1 pg. 243

“Many studies have documented the presence of pericranial muscle tenderness and referred pain with muscle palpation not only in migraine, but also in tension-type headache. As with migraine without aura, there is a positive correlation between the degree of muscle tenderness and the intensity of tension-type headache, a feature which again correlates with what is known about latent and active myofascial TrPs.”

… “Because TrPs appear to play an important role in migraine and tension-type headaches, all headache patients should be evaluated for their presence. If found, the treatment regimen should include myofascial TrP pain reduction techniques or a myofascial TrP pain management program.”


As always, William Huhn Method workshops and seminars are NOT platforms to sell any products or services to attendees.


Registration Fees:

Single $39.00

Double (bring a friend) $69.00

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Date: February/March 2019

Migraine Seminar

Presented by: William Huhn

Evening Seminar: 2 hours

Venue: TBA

Registration Fee:

Single $39.00

2 people $69.00