Deb B.

Out of curiosity I had taken one of Bill’s weekend Trigger Point workshops.  Dealing with frustrating physical issues myself and being in the fitness industry I was looking for new ideas and answers to questions I had with regards to reoccurring pain. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Bill’s passion for Trigger Point Bodywork, and his style of teaching very informative, with just enough humour to keep it interesting. I couldn’t get enough. I signed up for another set of workshops the next weekend and then became a client as well. Bill has a wonderful way of relaying information, and his passion for trigger point bodywork is contagious. As a client I found him to go beyond “the call of duty”, focusing his energy into “uncovering the mystery” behind the pain. He is very thorough, easy to talk with and very informative. I would highly recommend him to any one searching for an alternative to the traditional, you might be pleasantly surprised, I was.