Success Stories

The results that I received from your Trigger Point Bodywork were nothing short of amazing. For the past two years I had been dealing with chronic back pain that was affecting my work and personal life. My doctor had retired, and it was my new doctor who recommended Trigger Point Therapy. Having had no success with other forms of therapy I decided to give it a try. After four Trigger Point sessions with you my back pain completely disappeared. I was waiting for the pain to return, but it has been over 3 months now and I feel great! It was a pleasure meeting you, you have a true passion for the work that you perform, and I highly recommend your services to those suffering from chronic pain

Donna V
British Columbia Canada

Working on my feet all day, and instructing group fitness in the evenings, has left my feet in disrepair. When thinking about an end to my foot pain, I was convinced that Trigger Point was just one more thing that wasn’t going to work. However, within a few regular sessions with Bill, I noticed a significant decrease in the pain, and shortly after, the pain that I’d had for close to ten years was gone.
I highly recommend Bill and his approach to Trigger Point Therapy to anyone searching for an end to their aches and pains

Melissa H
British Columbia Canada

I have been seeing Bill for Trigger Point Therapy. It has changed my life in more ways than one. Originally, I went to see him regarding bladder problems, and he found many other trigger points that needed some TLC. I had been struggling with my bladder for seven years, I had surgery twice and saw many specialists regarding it. After three sessions with Bill, it started to improve. I had so many trigger points in my abdominals, that it was referring pain (and symptoms) to my bladder.
I also suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 3 years, after about 2 months (8 treatments) all the symptoms I had were gone. By seeing Bill and practicing home self-treatment, to this day I am still symptom free. Again, I had tried medication, herbs, acupuncture and other methods and nothing seemed to work. All of the stress over the years had built up and caused a lot of my symptoms. Being a personal trainer I am very active and so a lot of my muscles had endured high impact and the stress of over-training. I also used to suffer from PMS, severe cramps and headaches – by regularly seeing Bill and doing home self-treatments, my monthly encounters are almost symptom free. It is such a great feeling.
We underestimate the power our muscles have over our bodies, after all, we are made up of so many tiny and large muscles that we have no idea what they can do under stress.
I have learned from Bill, to listen to my body and how to prevent trigger points. As mentioned above, stress (emotional and physical) plays a huge factor in myofascial trigger points, and they can be hiding in places you least expect. I now know how my body works and how to keep on top of things.
I hope that even one person will read my story and be able to get some help for themselves. I truly believe that trigger point therapy (bodywork) can help with many symptoms, and if you have patience and have tried everything else, it will work with time. Remember, it didn’t take overnight for your symptoms to appear, so it may take time to alleviate them.

Coryn B
British Columbia Canada

NOTE: All of Coryn’s symptoms mentioned above were related to active abdominal trigger points. These abdominal TrPs can produce bladder, uterine, and bowel symptoms. WH


The first time I went to see Bill I was in extremely bad shape. My sciatica was so bad that the sharp shooting pains running down my leg were like electrical shocks and I didn’t know when to expect them. First thing in the morning was the worst, it made it very hard for me to put weight on my feet and stand up. My whole body ached and I had to stop the physical activity that I loved so much. I didn’t know what was happening to me and wondered how bad it would get. I was very scared with my worsening condition. I tried numerous treatments and practitioners in different modalities, including delving into psychological problems that may be contributing to my symptoms. I began researching on the internet, but I didn’t really know what to look for. Then I came across Myofascial Pain Syndrome and it talked about trigger points and Trigger Point Therapy. When I read the description of this syndrome, I was actually relieved. I finally knew what was wrong with me!! The problem was in my muscles. I had been in numerous car accidents when I was young and also had done weight lifting for years causing a lot of damage to my muscles.


It took a while for me to become pain-free but with each treatment I felt more relief. I have not had sciatica since and I don’t plan ever to have it again. I still keep some appointments because I am back to my active lifestyle and I want to keep my muscles healthy.


I seriously don’t know what I would have done if I had not found Bill and his Trigger Point method. I feel so blessed that he lives in the same city and grateful that I was introduced to him and his treatment

Diana M
British Columbia Canada

Ten years ago I had a hip flexor injury which would not heal, and nothing seemed to help the situation. After just three sessions with William, the circulation returned to my leg and hip area and the cramping ceased. I finally feel that the problem has been addressed and I can now look forward to another 20 years in the landscape industry. William was able to identify the problem and provide very professional and effective treatment. I would highly recommend his service to anyone.

Jamie W
Vancouver Island, BC

... "As a rule, health workers I've seen will claim at the outset that they know how to help (me). However, experience now tells me that almost no one really knows how to treat a patient with multiple trigger points, since the standard practice of either ignoring the trigger points' presence, or the particular challenges that they represent virtually guarantees a poor outcome. I suppose if I had a more "popular" condition I'd have a better chance at receiving adequate care.

Excerpt from an email I received. It succinctly sums-up the frustration so many people write to me about.