Workshop Testimonials

This is the second course I have taken with William’s Trigger Point Therapy. They’re extremely informative and intriguing. Bill is very professional and knows his stuff – he is an expert in Trigger Point Therapy. The first course I took in 2012, changed my life and my chronic pain, and I know it can do the same for others who are treated with this therapy.

Candice M, RMT
Fredericton New Brunswick

As a massage therapist this course has been very helpful in reviewing things we had previously been taught as well as providing new tools, techniques and positions. It also provided the confidence needed to implement what we learned into an established practice, with ease. I’m positive my clients with chronic pain issues will benefit from my widened range of knowledge on trigger points. Bill is well-educated, an excellent teacher, and puts everyone at ease. Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge to better assist my clients on their journey to living pain and trigger point free!

Jennifer Comeau, RMT
Fredericton New Brunswick

As a strength and fitness coach with a kinesiology background, I found this workshop very enlightening, informative, and a fun way to enhance my skill set in functional anatomy and palpation skills. I recommend this course to any health practitioner who is looking to find new ways to further their practice, and to enhance the health of their clientele.

Gregg Parris, R.Kin.
Toronto Ontario

I absolutely enjoyed the course. It was very informative and interesting! William and Heather did an amazing job. Thank you both!

Angela Lent, RMT
New Brunswick

Thank you for coming to the East Coast. All of the information provided was extremely useful, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my practice.

Emily Anderson, RMT
New Brunswick

Fantastic workshop, thanks Bill and Lucy. My clients have been a bit noisier this week!

Belinda Silcox, Massage Therapist

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Bill and Lucy for a fantastic workshop. Feeling the benefit of the work done by my fellow students … can’t wait to bring it into my client sessions!

Claire Harding, Massage Therapist

Fantastic course and will with out a doubt benefit me….and my clients! I’m itching for the arrival of Clair Davies and continued study of TPT.

Andy Bwye, Massage Therapist

Amazing workshop, thank you Bill & Lucy. Enjoyable weekend with great company, have already incorporated in treatments this week. Definitely felt the benefit of the treatment i received myself.

Stella Pearce, Holistic Therapies

To be proficient at Trigger Point Therapy, one must study thoroughly and practice it daily. Simply because someone is a registered or licensed massage therapist, physiotherapist, bodyworker, or doctor, does not necessarily make them a knowledgeable Trigger Point practitioner. Although there are some who are very good, and understand trigger points, most have only a minimal amount of Trigger Point Therapy training and clinical experience.

William Huhn

A Story of Inspiration

The results that I received from your Trigger Point Bodywork were nothing short of amazing. For the past two years I had been dealing with chronic back pain that was affecting my work and personal life. My doctor had retired, and it was my new doctor who recommended Trigger Point... Read more
Donna V
British Columbia Canada