Workshop Testimonials

This course was enjoyable because it combined the theoretical with the practical aspect. Very informative and very valuable information in my field of work.

Pierre Thorne, Personal Trainer
Vancouver, BC

Bill’s passion for this topic complements his incredible knowledge, and his numerous case studies & success stories are a testament to it!

Shari Feuz, Personal Trainer
Vancouver, BC

I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. The instructor’s knowledge was superb – answers to all our questions. The teaching demonstrations and hands-on practice was great, providing practical, to the head knowledge. Thank you.

Debbie Beck
Nanaimo, BC

I really enjoyed all aspects of this workshop… can’t wait to learn more and be a part of Trigger Point bodywork. Thanks again.

Shawna Kerr, Personal Trainer, CBW
Nelson, BC

Excellent – good visual and training applications – made it easy for a French speaking person to understand!

Nathalie Codron-Swain, Wellness Massage
Cote d'Azur, France

Very good workshop. Very good information and knowledge.
Thanks a lot!

Gregoire Aguilar, Fitness Trainer, Wellness Massage
Cote d'Azur France

I attended a Trigger Point Workshop that William Huhn put on. It was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. Being a Personal Trainer, it was very helpful to learn some basic techniques that I could help my clients out with. I also have learned how to treat some of my own trigger points!
The workshop was very informative, easy to understand and I learned so much! We had a practical component to learn how to use the techniques he described. It was very hands on, by far the best investment for my health and my clients. I use the information and techniques on a daily basis for myself.
Bill is excellent at describing and showing you how to apply his techniques. He is extremely professional and true to his work. I would recommend his workshop to anyone and everyone.

Coryn B., CFC, PRCS

I am personal trainer, post rehab conditioning specialist and yoga teacher. Because of the benefits I received from Trigger Point bodywork I have recommended Bill to many of my clients. The treatments really work! Even for people who have tried everything else.
In order to learn more and assist my clients, I attended Bill’s first Trigger Point workshop in Nanaimo BC. He is a natural teacher and a very nice man. He is able to articulate the information very clearly and I learned so much.
I highly recommend his workshops to anyone who works in the health or fitness field. His expert knowledge of muscles and how the body works is clearly evident in his teachings and during his treatments. It has helped me understand and helps my clients with their aches, pains and injuries.

Diana Marchand, PT, PRCS, EWYT350
Nanaimo, BC

I had the pleasure of attending/participating in a Trigger Point Workshop presented by William Huhn. This approach to Myofascial and Trigger Point related pain management was innovative and stimulating.
I particularly enjoyed the “hands-on session” and the opportunity to become familiar with massage techniques for the release of trigger points. The progression in my reading and knowledge from Clair Davies’ Workbooks to Travell and Simons’ texts that was stimulated by this workshop has been very rewarding. All medical practitioners dealing with pain would benefit from such a course.

Dr. K.W. Turnbull, MD, FRCPC
Vancouver, BC

The workshop was fabulous and exceeded my expectations.
Thanks so much!!

Barb Heise
Cote d'Azur France

To be proficient at Trigger Point Therapy, one must study thoroughly and practice it daily. Simply because someone is a registered or licensed massage therapist, physiotherapist, bodyworker, or doctor, does not necessarily make them a knowledgeable Trigger Point practitioner. Although there are some who are very good, and understand trigger points, most have only a minimal amount of Trigger Point Therapy training and clinical experience.

William Huhn