Loss of Appetite/Gut Symptoms

Employing comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy


By William Huhn

Dec.5. 2020


Over and over again, the seminal work of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons, has profoundly improved the quality of life to those suffering with chronic symptoms.

Active trigger points in the abdominal muscles can cause chronic gut issues that include loss of appetite.


Although we have successfully treated many clients with IBS-type symptoms, there has been a couple cases where this bowel issue has been accompanied by a complete loss of appetite (anorexia).


A Middle-Aged Male

The first gut case that included anorexia (loss of appetite), was a middle-aged male who seemed to be otherwise in good health. He had been suffering with IBS and anorexia for well over 1 year and was totally miserable. The symptoms began suddenly and seemed to have an unknown cause. Traditional medicine had offered no solution to these chronic symptoms.

After a thorough intake interview, we set our priorities on treating his abdominal muscles. And yes, we found many trigger points in his obliques and rectus abdominis muscles. We examined these muscles thoroughly (not simply treating where the ‘X’s are located on a Trigger Point chart) since trigger points can be lurking throughout a muscle.

After the treatment, we advised to cease any exercising or excessive stretching to the abdominal muscles. 

He returned about 5 days later for a followup treatment.

When we asked how his symptoms were since his initial treatment, he replied “you are my f-ing hero”.

His symptoms had disappeared 2 days after his first treatment. He was thrilled! 

We were delighted too, especially since it’s rare for a client to experience total symptom cessation after just one treatment.

We treated him once again and found virtually no trigger points. He was advised that since his symptoms appeared to be remedied, he could begin gentle abdominal exercise after a couple more weeks of letting them rest, recover and return to normal function. 


An Elderly Female

Another (and very recent) case, was a female in her late-sixties.

Her symptoms also began suddenly and without a known cause and had been symptomatic for about 6 months. Her case was similar to the aforementioned male client – IBS, total loss of appetite and included acid reflux.

However, unlike the case above, this was an online consultation, as she was living some distance from us and COVID prevented her from travelling.

We advised similarly (as above) and recommended she acquire the Clair & Amber Davies Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, so she could see illustrations of where to treat. She self-treated and also had her RMT treat her abdominal muscles as described in the book. Like our male client, she is now symptom-free and has her appetite back… and VERY happy.


If you’re having similar symptoms and would like more details regarding treatment, please contact us. We’re here to help.


Please note: each individual is unique and there are many variables that effect treatment efficacy. Not everyone responds to treatment quickly, and we do not seek to imply that we offer a quick fix to what may be your symptoms.