It’s Not One Thing I Do – It’s The Only Thing I Do

By William Huhn


The vast majority of health professionals are great folks who provide tremendous service for their clients/patients. Some advertise the many skills in their tool kit and utilize these various applied skills and knowledge to benefit their clientele.


I have just one thing to offer my clients, and it’s Trigger Point Therapy.

It is the only thing I do.

And because it’s the only thing I do (and continually study), the treatment results are impressive and typically benefit the client.


When I decided years ago that I wanted to assist those who are suffering with chronic pain, I planned to learn, along with Trigger Point Therapy, several types of physical therapies and exercise/stretching methods.

However, I quickly found that to employ TPT effectively demanded my full attention because Trigger Point Therapy not only addresses the removal of trigger points, but also includes everything that might cause, perpetuate or exacerbate this muscle dysfunction. I suppose one could say that comprehensive TPT is a big, comprehensive ‘tool kit’ in itself.

And to be able to offer effective Trigger Point Therapy, means one must continually study/research the many things that are associated with trigger points, such as dietary deficiencies, stress, medication side-effects, autoimmune issues, work/exercise routines, and so much more. As you can see, Trigger Point Therapy is not simply treating a muscle knot.


Let me be clear, I do not speak against nor marginalize those who have listed their many skills. I certainly admire their desire to learn and do the best job possible for their clients/patients. In my case however, I chose to focus my energy on everything related to comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy.


Many clients come to me for treatment because they’re looking for someone whose only thing is TPT.


A simple philosophy – choose to do something, then do that something well.