Trigger Points – Weakening of the Involved Muscles

From the T&S Manual.


We must inactivate the trigger points before we proceed with exercising the involved muscle.


Exercise and Myofascial Trigger Points
Disturbances of motor functions caused by trigger points include spasm of other muscles, 
weakness of the involved muscle function, loss of coordination by the involved muscle, and 
decreased work tolerance of the involved muscle. The weakness and loss of work tolerance are 
often interpreted as the indication for increased exercise, but if this is attempted without 
inactivating the responsible trigger points, the exercise is likely to encourage and further ingrain 
substitution by other muscles with further weakening and de-conditioning of the involved muscle.
Travell & Simons;  Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction,  The Trigger Point Manual



I agree with this statement 100%. Those who have TrPs and continue to place the involved muscles under stress will invariably continue to have symptoms. Yes, they may get symptomatic relief like they achieve from “rolling”, however, the true cause of the symptom will not be remediated unless TPT protocols are followed.