Real clients – Real learning

By William Huhn


It’s one thing to study and practice trigger point therapy on friends, family and willing volunteers… it’s a different story when you begin to treat clients who are paying for professional service/ability. Those who have finished their schooling (any schooling) will tell you, when you start your practice, that’s when the real learning begins.


I was a passionate novice and somewhat confident in my applied approach, and my knowledge base was pretty darn good. But there’s no substitute for experience.

Even though I offered what I considered ‘good’ Trigger Point Therapy, I look back and see that I was offering simply the basics. I am indeed thankful to those clients that placed their trust in my skills at that early time in my career. They played a significant role toward the formation of the Trigger Point Therapy approach I employ today. I couldn’t have done it without them and their encouragement to continue with this work.


I’ve seen many great successes with TPT and also some disappointments. But hey, hopefully we learn from those cases that didn’t go as well as we would have liked – it’s an opportunity to grow, right?


Now, more than fifteen years have passed since I first opened the Clair & Amber Davies, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, and I can honestly state that I am still passionate and excited about TPT and the positive results that so many of my clients demonstrate. Fifteen+ years, and I still enjoy the daily challenges that my clients present and always do my very best to assist those who suffer with chronic pain.


I’m always hopeful that more professionals will move beyond simply dabbling with this therapy and will enthusiastically study and employ comprehensive Trigger Point Therapy methods.