WHMTM Trigger Point Bodyworkers

  Only those listed in this website directory are current members

France: (French Riviera)

Nathalie Codron-SwainWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 1 Trigger Point 

Shirley ThompsonWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 1 Trigger Point 

Gregoire AguilarWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 1 Trigger Point


Lucy CooteWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 1 Trigger Point


Dana GriffithsWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 2 Trigger Point 

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Lucy PearmanWilliam Huhn Method TM  - Level 2 Trigger Point and Certified WHMTM Approved Educator 


William Huhn Method - Level 1 Trigger Point Bodyworkers

William Huhn Method TM Level 1 Trigger Point Certificate Holders.

Left to Right 

Back Row 
Rick Carpenter (Canada), Shirley Thompson (France), Dana Griffiths Level 2 Certification (England),
Lucy Pearman - Level 2 Certification + Instructor Certification (Switzerland), Barb Heise Level 2 Certification (Germany (now Canada)), William Huhn (Instructor)

Front Row
Lucy Coote (Monaco), Gregoire Aguilar (France), Nathalie Codron-Swain (France), Jennifer Potts Level 2 Certification (Canada)

Congratulations to this latest group of WHM TM Level 1 Trigger Point Bodyworkers!
They show great commitment to the seminal work of Travell and Simons.
I'm confident they will provide quality Trigger Point methods to their clients!


Barb Heise (Germany)
Jennifer Potts (Canada)
Nathalie Codron-Swain (France)
Lucy Pearman (Switzerland)
Dana Griffiths (England)
Lucy Coote (Monaco)
Shirley Thompson (France)
Gregoire Aguilar (France)
Rick Carpenter (Canada) 

Their passion for learning comprehensive Trigger Point bodywork, is only exceeded by their desire to help those with soft-tissue pain.
I am proud of you and offer my utmost respect for your hard work, questions, and endless studying. 
Your dog-eared T&S manuals are a testament to your dedication toward the seminal work of 
Drs. Travell and Simons.


William Huhn 


William Huhn Method TM is not a Trigger Point training school.  William Huhn Method TM bodyworkers are professionals who have extensively, and independently studied Trigger Point Therapy. 
They have chosen to join a group of like-minded practitioners, by aligning their Trigger Point methods with those employed by William Huhn.

 William Huhn Method TM certificate holders are not employed by, nor contracted to William Huhn, 
nor William Huhn Method TM
 Except for workshop registration fees and possible membership dues; 
William Huhn receives no commissions, nor direct financial benefit from any 
William Huhn Method TM bodyworker, 
and he claims no responsibility or liability with regards to their abilities, ethics, 
or any matters related to their Trigger Point businesses, or to their clients. 


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