Trigger Point Symptoms   

We believe it's time for your pain to stop! 


Myofascial Trigger Points are very often the

TRUE cause of the following symptoms!
Client, Coryn says - "I have learned from Bill, to listen to my body and how to prevent trigger points."

Discover what so many others have found...


 Arthritis Symptoms - Arrhythmia - Arm Ache/Numbness
Bladder Issues (Frequency, Urgency, Leaking) - Bursitis - Painful Bowel Movements  

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) - Chest Pain - Chronic Dry Cough 

Foot Discomfort - Fibromyalgia (FMS) - Frozen Shoulder

- Genital PainGroin Ache/Pain
- Hamstrings - Headache - Heartburn/Acid Reflux - Heel Spurs - Hip Flexor Weakness- Hip Soreness 

 Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia) - Levator Ani Syndrome - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

- ITB (Iliotibial Band) - Joint Pain/Stiffness 

- Knee Pain - Kyphosis Related Issues 

Lower Back Problems 

- Painful Menstruation (Dysmenorrhea)
- Migraine

- Muscle Weakness/Fatigue 

Musician Symptoms

- Numbness/Tingling
- Plantar Fasciitis - Rectal Pain (Proctalgia Fugax)
- Rotator Cuff ( includes tendinitis, tear, adhesive capsulitis)

- Sciatica - Scoliosis - Shin Splints - Sports Related
- Tendinitis - Tennis/Golfer's Elbow - Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) - Toothache
- Upper Back/Shoulder 

- Vertigo/Dizziness - Voice Issues


Yes, it's true... myofascial trigger points could be causal (and often are) to any of the above symptoms.
If your symptoms are chronic, and not being resolved, you may be suffering from active or latent myofascial trigger points!    

I hope the information in this website will offer you direction toward improved quality of life.

William Huhn 



"Chronic pain not only affects the sufferer, it also affects their family, coworkers and friends.

There's no doubt in my mind, that just one proficient Trigger Point Therapist /Bodyworker can save the medical system (unnecessary prescriptions, procedures, tests, or surgeries), employers (loss of productivity) and insurance companies, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

But more importantly, a proficient Trigger Point Therapist can help those who are suffering with chronic pain by effectively reducing the pain and shortening recovery time!"

William Huhn

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