Upper Back Pain

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William Huhn 

Trigger points in the rhomboids, scalenes, serratus posterior superior, trapezius, splenius, levator scapulae, multifidi, rotatores, or latissimus dorsi may be the major contributors
 to your upper back symptoms; however, there may be other muscles (and their trigger points) involved.

The 4 rotator cuff muscles (SITS) (see: Frozen Shoulder) can also make the upper back miserable!

Have you had an upper back treatment done, which included working on the pectoralis muscles? I know that many good body-workers and massage therapists understand the importance of treating the pectoralis (major and minor) as part of a back-treatment session. These anterior muscles (the pecs) could perpetuate symptoms with the upper back if left untreated! 

The problem with doing the back and not the front as well; is that these anterior muscles (with the trigger points) if left untreated, will tend to pull the shoulders forward and also tug and tilt the shoulder blades (aka scapulae). This will in effect maintain tension on those back muscles and either perpetuate the back problem or possibly make it worse!

Whenever I work on someone's upper back symptoms, I also assess and treat the anterior side; I always seem to find trigger points there.

Have your upper back checked for trigger points (and the pecs too) by a knowledgeable* Trigger Point bodyworker/therapist. Actually a good practitioner will check out a few other areas that may also be contributing to your symptoms as well... that's the right way to do things in my opinion.

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* someone who employs Trigger Point therapy (as their primary treatment protocol) on a daily basis, and has extensively studied the Travell & Simons manuals.

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