Trigger Point Bodyworker International Directory

William Huhn Method is not a Trigger Point training school.

William Huhn MethodTM bodyworkers are professionals who have extensively, and independently studied 
Trigger Point Therapy. 

They have chosen to join a group of like-minded practitioners, by aligning their Trigger Point methods with those employed by William Huhn.

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William Huhn MethodTM certificate holders are not employed by, nor contracted to William Huhn, 
nor William Huhn MethodTM
 Except for workshop registration fees and possible membership dues; William Huhn receives no commissions, nor direct financial benefit from any 
William Huhn MethodTM bodyworker, 
and claims no responsibility or liability with regards to their abilities, ethics, 
or any matters related to their Trigger Point businesses, or to their clients. 

Our office is closed on weekends and holidays. To book your appointment for treatment, or for more workshop information:
Phone: 250.714.6056                                                           Email: info@triggerpoint.ca             1455 Townsite Rd. Nanaimo, BC V9S 1M9
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