Workshop Testimonials

William Huhn NCBTMB Approved Provider

I would like to thank all attendees of my workshops for their interest in Trigger Point Therapy,
and for selflessly giving their time and money in order to discover more methods that may improve the quality of life
of their 
clients, patients, and those they care for - I wish you all the best!

William Huhn 

Trigger Point CE Workshop 

Amazing workshop, thank you Bill & Lucy. Enjoyable weekend with great company, have already incorporated in treatments this week. Definitely felt the benefit of the treatment i received myself.

Stella Pearce
Holistic Therapies


Fantastic course and will with out a doubt benefit me....and my clients! I'm itching for the arrival of Clair Davies and continued study of TPT.

Andy Bwye
Massage Therapist

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Bill and Lucy for a fantastic workshop. Feeling the benefit of the work done by my fellow students ..... can't wait to bring it into my client sessions! 

Claire Harding
Massage Therapist

Fantastic workshop, thanks Bill and Lucy. My clients have been a bit noisier this week!

Belinda Silcox
Massage Therapist


Thank you for coming to the East Coast. All of the information provided was extremely useful, and I can't wait to incorporate it into my practice.
Thank you!

Emily AndersonNew Brunswick Trigger Point Workshop
New Brunswick

I absolutely enjoyed the course. It was very informative and interesting! William and Heather did an amazing job. Thank you both!

Angela Lent
New Brunswick


As a strength and fitness coach with a kinesiology background, I found this workshop very enlightening, informative, and a fun way to enhance my skill set in functional anatomy and palpation skills. I recommend this course to any health practitioner who is looking to find new ways to further their practice, and to enhance the health of their clientele.


Gregg Parris
Toronto Ontario


As a massage therapist this course has been very helpful in reviewing things we had previously been taught as well as providing new tools, techniques and positions. It also provided the confidence needed to implement what we learned into an established practice, with ease. I'm positive my clients with chronic pain issues will benefit from my widened range of knowledge on trigger points. Bill is well-educated, an excellent teacher, and puts everyone at ease. Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge to better assist my clients on their journey to living pain and trigger point free!

Jennifer Comeau 

Fredericton New Brunswick           Trigger Point Workshop

This is the second course I have taken with William's Trigger Point Therapy. They're extremely informative and intriguing. Bill is very
professional and knows his stuff - he is an expert in Trigger Point Therapy. The first course I took in 2012, changed my life and my chronic pain,
and I know it can do the same for others who are treated with this therapy.

Candice M
Fredericton New Brunswick 


Excellent workshop. A great balance of of theory and applied practice. Bills openess and constant support made the learning experience easy and enjoyable. He answered any and all questions and knows his Trigger Point material extremely well. I would recommend this course to anyone with pain... which is everyone!

Tim Murphy
Toronto Ontario



I loved it! Met all my expectations and has left me eager to get on!
Would love it if the course was longer. 

Would like to eventually do the Level 1 workshop. Excellent everything - very impressed with all.

Lucy Coote (Bonser)



William Huhn is a true master of Trigger Point Therapy. Very pleased with what he has taught me.

Gary Johnston
Health and Fitness Trainer
Toronto Ontario



Invaluable hands-on instruction.

Rebecca Steinke
R. Kin.
Arnprior, Ontario


A fantastic introduction to Trigger Point Therapy in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Bill is a superb instructor, approachable, knowledgeable and all our questions, were never too much!

Lucy Pearman


Great course overall. Very informative with fascinating content.
Thanks Bill!

Ryan Burkholder
Health and Fitness Trainer
Toronto Ontario


Wonderful amounts of hands-on time and a varied amount of instruction. Great to feel the TrPs and see how others react to the TrP treatment.
A light-hearted environment and William answered all questions from attendees. 
Had a great time learning!

Tracey McKinnon



Workshops have been very insightful and helped me have a clearer understanding on working with clients.

Heather Brittain
St John, New BrunswickChelsea Mae Hickey and Angela Lent

I was very pleased with the abundant content of the course. Very knowledgeable. It was simple to understand, and I can see this incorporated into my daily practice. Thank you.

Fredericton New Brunswick 

Great course. Really enjoyed learning more on TrP and how to treat them so we, as therapists can better help clients.
Thank you.

Sonia Rinzler
Moncton, New Brunswick

Awesome course, can't wait to use this with my clients. Thanks!

Randolph Broad
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Great Workshops - would recommend taking them!

Tara Webster
Fredericton, New Brunswick

I enjoyed the workshops. They were informative and it has added to my skill set. Thank-you!

Wolfgang S. Voegele  

It was a great class. Very educational, with a good sense of humor. I really enjoyed it!

Mariann Penzes

Great course, very easy to learn, and great instructor!
I've learned a lot from the workshops and cannot wait to use it on my training clients. Thanks!
The workshops were lots of fun!

James Somers

Very informative, and well explained. Practical work was well presented and instruction for clarification was always given without question.

Tracy Hamilton

Great to be involved in such a personable course. Very informative - perfect class size!
Love to learn more from William!

Tara Jenkins and Marty Schweyer


This course far exceeded my expectations. Being out of practice for 12 years, I found terminologies easy to get re-aquatinted with. 

Hands-on experience very helpful. Thanks for spiking my interest and giving me the excitement and motivation to purchase the Travell and Simons manuals.
This will help ensure my success with helping others.

Dana Griffiths


The course was excellent, extremely informative and thorough as well as a lot of fun! Very much look forward to putting the techniques into practice and seeing where it leads. 

Thank you for making it so enjoyable, Bill.

Jennifer Potts

Cote d'Azur  France 


Trigger Point Workshop - Mougins, France 2012



Was not sure what to expect prior to the start of the workshop.
Very informative, fascinating, serious, and professional... but with a great touch of humor. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course.

Shirley Thompson
Cote d'Azur  France



The workshop was fabulous and exceeded my expectations. 
Thanks so much!!

Barb Heise
Cote d'Azur  France



 "I had the pleasure of attending/participating in a Trigger Point Workshop presented by William Huhn. This approach to Myofascial and Trigger Point related pain management was innovative and stimulating.

I particularly enjoyed the "hands-on session" and the opportunity to become familiar with massage techniques for the release of trigger points. The progression in my reading and knowledge from Clair Davies' Workbooks to Travell and Simons' texts that was stimulated by this workshop has been very rewarding. All medical practitioners dealing with pain would benefit from such a course."
K.W. Turnbull 

Vancouver, BC 



 "I am personal trainer, post rehab conditioning specialist and yoga teacher. Because of the benefits I received from Trigger Point bodywork I have recommended Bill to many of my clients. The treatments really work! Even for people who have tried everything else.

In order to learn more and assist my clients, I attended Bill's first Trigger Point workshop in Nanaimo BC. He is a natural teacher and a very nice man. He is able to articulate the information very clearly and I learned so much.

I highly recommend his workshops to anyone who works in the health or fitness field. His expert knowledge of muscles and how the body works is clearly evident in his teachings and during his treatments. It has helped me understand and helps my clients with their aches, pains and injuries."

Diana Marchand
Nanaimo, BC

Trigger Point Workshop - With Shawna Urbanski demonstrating technique 

"I attended a Trigger Point Workshop that William Huhn put on. It was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. Being a Personal Trainer, it was very helpful to learn some basic techniques that I could help my clients out with. I also have learned how to treat some of my own trigger points!

The workshop was very informative, easy to understand and I learned so much! We had a practical component to learn how to use the techniques he described. It was very hands on, by far the best investment for my health and my clients. I use the information and techniques on a daily basis for myself.

Bill is excellent at describing and showing you how to apply his techniques. He is extremely professional and true to his work. I would recommend his workshop to anyone and everyone." 

Coryn B.

Very good workshop. Very good information and knowledge.

Thanks a lot!

Gregoire Aguilar
Fitness Trainer, Wellness Massage 
Cote d'Azur  France  

Excellent - good visual and training applications - made it easy for a French speaking person to understand!

Nathalie Codron-Swain
Cote d'Azur  France


"I really enjoyed all aspects of this workshop... can't wait to learn more and be a part of Trigger Point bodywork. Thanks again."

Shawna Kerr 
Personal Trainer, CBW
Nelson, BC


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. The instructor's knowledge was superb - answers to all our questions. The teaching demonstrations and hands-on practice was great, providing practical, to the head knowledge. Thank you."

Debbie Beck  
Nanaimo, BC

"Bill's passion for this topic complements his incredible knowledge, and his numerous case studies & success stories are a testament to it!"

Shari Feuz
Personal Trainer
Vancouver, BC


"This course was enjoyable because it combined the theoretical with the practical aspect. Very informative and very valuable information in my field of work."

Pierre Thorne 
Personal Trainer
Vancouver, BC


"These Trigger Point workshops are awesome! Very informative. Plan on attending more of them."

Heather Palmer
Nanaimo, BC


"William covered everything. It was an excellent course and very glad I attended. I really think this is what I have been missing, to deal with my pain issues."

Marie Goncalves 
British Columbia, Canada


"These Trigger Point workshops are very informative. The presentation is well organized with demonstrations and hands-on practice. The ability to use the techniques as well as to experience the treatments is very valuable. The atmosphere encourages exploration, questions and an opportunity to learn from all. Thanks for the open encouragement! Good for anyone interested in pain reduction."

Evelyn Applin 
Nanaimo, BC



"Great workshop to take - the information is valuable! This course should be high on everyone's list to take."                        

Paul Laviolette
Langley, BC

"Very practical with lots of great hands-on practice including palpation techniques, landmarking and feedback from instructors. I would recommend this course to colleagues in my field."

Jeff K.

Vancouver, BC 

"Very enjoyable workshop and professional approach. Takes time to explain things in different ways. Learned lots - appreciated the smaller class size. Thanks, Bill."

Anita Forrer 
British Columbia


 "It would be great to have courses that were longer, so you could really learn how to apply Trigger Point techniques!"

Maria Thomas    
Shiatsu Practitioner 
Vancouver BC

Trigger Point Therapy Class


"Appreciate your feedback, one-on-one help, practical application and guidance. Thanks for the great weekend!"

Linda Mallard    
Tsawwassen, BC


"William - Now I work your method with every patient and this technique is really good!"

Kind regards

Basia K.  
Warsaw, Poland


"Very knowledgeable instructor. Liked the practical component and thoroughly enjoyed the course!" 

Anne J.    
Vancouver BC

"Workshop environment was lively & conducive to learning. You had good pace and kept control of the class!"

Lee Massey    
Vancouver BC


"Very impressed with the workshop. It was well presented, got everyone involved, and made it extremely enjoyable. It also got me comfortable locating/deactivating trigger points and I feel more confident talking about it. I look forward to learning more from you, thanks!"

Joshua B.   
Vancouver BC


Trigger Point CE Workshop


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